Two kilometres from Mogilev on Bobruisk highway, in a picturesque place next to the Buynichi field memorial, there is an outdoor ethnography museum.

The entertaining complex “Karchma” is located on a beautiful well-groomed territory and features an exquisite design, paved paths, exotic trees and flowers. On the territory of the complex there is an outdoor museum “Belarusian ethnography village of the XIX century” that includes the huts of a Pot Maker, a Baker, a Weaver, a Carpenter, a Blacksmith, a Moonshiner and a hut of straw and willow wickerwork, where you can not only see, but also purchase the goods made by our craftsmen. Here you will also find a windmill, compositions from stones, fountains, and a playground for our younger guests. In a summer café “Karchma” you can try traditional Belarusian cuisine dishes.

The complex has two restaurants of the 1st price category for 60 people, a conference hall for 35 people, a children’s café for 40 people, a hotel with 11 comfortable European level rooms that offers our clients a wide spectrum of services, a 24-hour bar and a convenient car park under surveillance. In total, the complex is designed for 124 people.


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